Ontario's Voters Deserve Fair Debates

Join us on May 27th!

Silent Protest at CBC Headquarters!

  • The Green Party earned 233K votes in the last Ontario election, they’ve won seats in 3 provinces, they have a seat in the House of Commons, and they hold the balance of power in BC.
  • Yet Ontario’s broadcasters are hosting a rigged Leaders Debate, inviting only the three largest parties.
  • Of Ontario’s twenty official political parties, four of them receive annual funding from Election Ontario, based on their public support at the ballot box. That includes the Green Party.
  • If voters are funding four parties, they deserve to hear from all four leaders. The TV networks say the Greens have to win a seat rst, but how can they win a seat if they’re being censored by the media? This kind of arbitrary exclusion represents a complete abandonment of the most basic principles of journalism and political bias. 


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Poster for May 27 (pdf)